Posted by Dr Janeel Henderson on Nov 17th 2022


You know it is coming; You successfully navigated through Memorial Day, the 4TH of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Halloween is over and now the big ones are looking you straight in your face. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine Day, and Easter sabotage your will power, and diet goals, necessitating an exercise club membership and/or waking up each morning at 6:00 A.M. for that power walk that leaves you tired for the rest of the day. After all, those extra holiday pounds are not about to budge. Well, here are some ideas you can use that may help stop that New Year's Resolution to get rid of those extra pounds.

1.Consider taking Chromium now before the big holidays hit. Why? Because Amino Key Chromium research shows that it protects and helps the body from unstable blood sugar levels which may trigger food cravings, snacking and emotional eating. 

2. Dr. Gerhausr M.D in his practice says it is critical to have sufficient bioavailable chromium as a true amino acid chelated chromium in the body for insulin to have optimal ability to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and protein.1 

3.Stress increases urinary loss of Chromium. It triggers high levels of cortisol to be released (the fight or flight- hormone) throughout the body. This stimulates increased glucose utilization. As glucose use increases, so does the mobilization of insulin and chromium. 

4.Once chromium is mobilized it is not reabsorbed, instead it is lost in excreted urine and its benefits are lost unless replaced via supplementation and/or diet. 

5.Cortisol, the stress hormone, causes Catabolism of protein and lipids, along with an increase in the utilization of glucose. 

6.Insulin conveys a “store” “do not release” signal in relationships to carbohydrates, protein and lipids. It binds to the cell’s insulin receptors. These cell receptors have a short life. In the presence of high concentration of insulin, the cell receptors gradually become fewer. Cell sensitivity to insulin becomes less, which is one condition for insulin resistance occurring. 

7.Insulin is the key that unlocks cells so that glucose can be delivered to your muscle, organs, and brain for energy. If the insulin is blocked due to age, diet, or health conditions, glucose levels will stay in your bloodstream. This is referred to as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to high blood sugar levels which trigger higher insulin levels trying to remove the high glucose trapped blood sugar. The trapped glucose blood sugar can instigate weight gain, low energy, and weight gain that surrounds internal organs such as visceral abdominal body fat. This type of fat is difficult to remove via exercise, dieting, or by other means. Many individuals elect to have different types of surgery for its removal. 

8.High blood sugar and insulin levels are a sign that the body’s energy system isn’t working properly. Reducing sugar consumption and foods that create a high level of sugar from digestion and metabolism will help but the logical step is to reset your blood sugar to a healthy level. 

9.Chromium supports insulin helping it to be more effective in getting glucose into the cells to help increase insulin sensitivity. 

10.This allows insulin to work more efficiently so that glucose can enter your muscles and organs by reducing and help keeping glucose from a buildup in your bloodstream. Lowering blood sugar levels aids fasting insulin levels. GLUT4 is activated by Chromium. As a transmitter GLUT4 moves glucose from the blood into the cells for energy. It also bonds in the cells for energy. 

11.Activated GLUT4 contributes to better blood sugar control throughout the body. 

12.Some of the functions, signs, and symptom’s that Chromium is involved in supporting the body are: ocular eye pressure, neuropathy, Kinetics, growth, feed intake, hyperinsulinemia, elevated percent of body fat, immune support. 

1. Dr. Gerhauser uses a true Amino Acid bioavailable Chromium in his practice and refers to it as “The Miracle Mineral” 

1. Dr. Richard Gerhauser M.D. Natural Health Response “The Miracle Mineral” Secret to Perfect Blood Sugar September 2018, volume 3 l issue 15 

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