About Us

Life Zone's approach to mineral supplementation

Life-zone is a nutritional company. It uses both proprietary technology and 130 U.S. patents to target nine different body systems and their pathways to deliver natural organic amino acid chelated minerals

Customized targeting eliminates conventional mega dosing. Minerals are delivered to their designated body system fast, efficiently and effectively. Body intelligence recognizes their bioavailability and sends them via direct transport to their destination.

Conventional minerals must be converted to an amino acid chelated mineral form before the body can use them by using digestion and metabolism to process this conversion. There are 18 blockers that can stop this process, resulting in low mineral bioavailability.

Life-zone solves this problem. It's minerals are already in the bioavailable form that the body recognizes and can immediately use. Mineral sufficiency is restored to the body using life-zone. There is no need for mineral conversion.

My father educated me in amino acid mineral chelation. As the world authority, he discovered how to duplicate natural amino acid chelated minerals for human, plant and animal compatibility and bioavailability. Dad wrote the official definition of a true amino acid mineral chelate for the world. He was the only one who could do this because all of the research, discoveries, teaching and documentation proof was done by him.

I worked with Dad doing research and formulations. This led me to being awarded 4 U.S. patents for original discoveries in nutrition. I used this knowledge with Dad’s 130 U.S. patents on true amino acid chelated minerals to develop and formulate Life Zone supplements.  I have a PhD degree in nutrition and biochemistry, and an MS degree in sociology. I'm a licensed esthetician and lymphatic massage therapist, and a certified blackfield microscopist.

The ability to target, customize and deliver mineral nutrition for individual body systems and pathways is safe, stable, natural, and proven to work. Cold tag isotopes support this along with 70 human clinical studies, and 5 generation animal research and 250,000 animal blood urine, hair and tissue documentation besides the U.S. patents.

Minerals as a true amino acid chelate are the foundation of Life. They are involved in every function of the body. They activate co-factors, enzyme function, hormone regulation, and activate the six elements of nutrition.

Without minerals there is death. With insufficient minerals there is sickness and disease. Amino acid chelated minerals are the spark for life.


Dr. Janeel Ashmead Henderson, daughter of Dr. Harvey and Dr. Allez Ashmead, is the owner and formulator of Life Zone® products. While working in the fashion industry as a model and as a Hollywood makeup artist, Janeel observed many problems women were having with their complexion. After analyzing the ingredients found within popular skin care products, Janeel identified the key ingredients which were interfering with the natural, normal health of the skin and body. She turned to her father and the two set out to develop skin care products that would work in harmony with the chemistry of the skin to naturally moisturize, protect, and support skin cells through amino acid chelated minerals.  Her goal–to help the skin maintain its youthful appearance!

Life Zone® skin care products do not contain petroleum based ingredients, mineral oil, bees wax, lanolin, wood alcohols, parabens,  and other harmful ingredients which are prevalent in most skin care formulas on the market. These ingredients are known to interfere with the natural function of the skin. Such ingredients can  cause health problems, seal pores, dehydrate skin, and not allow the skin to respire or cells to detox.

Life Zone® offers three Kela® Kare skin care products, KelaKare Cleansing Gel, KelaKare Lotion, and KelaKare Creme Intense.  Each product is a proprietary formula involving patented amino acid chelated minerals to help maintain normal skin support.   The products also provide  anti-aging support.  Gentle humectants with  hydrating and moisturizing ingredients soften, smooth and  minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Additional ingredients protect against normal stress and free radicals.

As customers enjoyed the radiant appearance  of their complexion, they started asking  questions about nutrition.  As a result, Janeel and her father combined their education, experience, and research to developed the nutritional formulas for Life Zone® supplements.    The result was patented formulas that actually targeted specific key amino acid chelated mineral nutrition to specific body systems.  This was a world first in nutrition!

Janeel holds a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University, M.S. degree and pH.D. degree in nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, and is a licensed Master Esthetician, licensed  lymphatic massage therapist, dark field microscopist, and a nutritional formulator.  She has received  3 U.S.A. patents and  one patent-pending for her original research work and discoveries in nutrition.