parentsDr. Harvey Ashmead is known world-wide for the stabilization of penicillin during WWII. He is also the master mind behind the minerals offered by Life Zone® and the chemistry behind infant formulas and protein fortified drinks. During the war, Dr. Ashmead, who at the time was the head pharmacist at Bushnell Hospital, couldn’t help but observe that the allied wounded soldiers were malnourished and in many cases unable to eat due to war related injuries. With the soldiers as his inspiration, he went to work and created the first formula for protein fortified drinks to assist the soldiers’ bodies in rebuilding themselves.

Many of the soldiers had severe gangrenous wounds which were life threatening and often times unresponsive to the treatments of the day. In its earliest stages penicillin was unstable. Doctors couldn’t be certain when they prescribed raw penicillin if the drug would cure or kill their patients. Dr. Ashmead was commissioned to work on the stabilization of topical penicillin, which he did and is credited for saving many lives. After the war, Mead Johnson sought Dr. Ashmead to head the research behind infant formulas. He developed the basic formula used today in all infant formulas and in adult protein drinks such as Ensure® and Boost®. He also worked as the head of research for Hoffman-LaRoche and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, all leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Behind every humanitarian is a stronger humanitarian and this is true for Allez and Harvey. Dr. Allez Ashmead worked full-time supporting their family, allowing Harvey the freedom to further his research and start Albion Laboratories. She is famous for her pioneering work involving Speech and Hearing Therapists entering into public schools to screen students for speech and hearing therapy help.  Without Allez’s support, Harvey would not have been able to devote time to his research and the discovery of amino acid chelation.  Dr. Allez  is his inspiration and support behind Albion Laboratories, the patent holder for amino acid chelated minerals.