Posted by Dr Janeel Henderson on Sep 5th 2022


In 1991, the world’s largest vivarium was completed in Oracle, Arizona. Biosphere 2 sits on 3.4 acres. It was originally built as a closed/sealed ecological system to research if humans could survive in outer space. The structure was separated into seven different areas, including: rainforest, ocean w/coral reef, wetlands, grasslands, desert etc. There have been two attempts to completely seal off any outside influences to the inhabitants on the inside. A combination of 8 researchers with varying backgrounds entered into the Biosphere with a mission to survive on the plants and animals that were placed their care in this artificial ecological dome. The experiment was set to last a full two years. In short, neither mission was considered successful. In fact, it was nothing short of a disaster. There was infighting among the eight researchers. Rumors that it wasn’t completely sealed and there was a lot of political tension due to the huge expenses it incurred.

Unexpectedly, at least one profound finding was discovered. The trees inside the Biosphere grew fast, even faster than trees on the outside. But those same trees thriving in a “perfect” environment, would all fall over before reaching maturity. The scientists learned that they accounted for everything for the trees to thrive except for…wind. The lack of wind caused a deficiency in stressing the wood. Without that stress, the trees grew quickly but could not support themselves under normal wear and tear. In other words, the trees needed some stress in order to thrive in the long run.

Life is full of stories of individuals advancing or retreating based on their behaviors and decisions. Decisions that are often made in the face of very stressful situations. We are no different than those trees growing in a supposedly perfect environment. We each have our own head winds that we need to face. Our behavior and decisions either bring joy and health or it can bring sorrow and regret. The variable isn’t whether or not we can avoid stressful situations, it’s our attitudes and behavior when those stressful situations are present. Tough times are going to happen. We can try to avoid problems, but they will come. Our time might be better spent simplifying our lives, relying on ways to strengthen our mind, spirit, and body to give us the fortitude we need.

The winds in our life can bring us wisdom and knowledge as we face and solve their problems. They help to define our values, character, hope and faith. They can also challenge us to discover hidden talents within us, bring innovation to expand our quality of life, and bring new technology and discoveries to the world as we grow and learn.

The downside of the winds in our life is not being adequately prepared to handle them. Too much stress all at once can overwhelm our Immune System and cause problems with illness, energy, digestion, emotions, and resiliency.

A proactive plan is always better than a reactive plan. That is why in my personal arsenal, I take Life Zone supplements. Research supports their benefit for bioavailable use at the cellular level within our body. I take multiple chelated minerals with vitamins each day to establish a strong foundation. To that foundation I add specific Immune nutrient system support to the Immune System, Chelated zinc for DNA/Chromosome support and healthy healing, Chromium for blood and glycogen support, and key mineral support to the mitochondrion ATP energy production at the cellular level. I eat a healthy balanced diet that includes different natural food sources of protein, low glycemic fruit and vegetables. I avoid eating man made food, and food with sugar ingredient contents whenever possible, and yes at Thanksgiving and Christmas I eat pumpkin pie with real whipped cream sweetened with Monk fruit. I celebrate each of my nine grandchildren and my children’s birthdays. I work 14 hours a day 6 days each week. Keeping my body strong and healthy to support my lifestyle is very important. It allows me to continue working full time when most individuals my age have retired. I plan to follow my father’s and mother’s example if possible. At retirement age my father decided to retire. He lasted two days before coming back to work but retired, which for him meant coming to work at 9:00 A.M. instead of 6:00 A.M. and leaving work at 7:00 P.M. instead of 10:00 P.M. six days a week. Dad discovered some of his most important world discoveries in Amino Acid Chelated minerals after his “retirement”. My mother worked full time until the day she died at age 94, she never retired. Both of my parents were world famous and never stopped working for the good of the individual, or the world. So, here’s to the winds in each of our lives, your genius is waiting for you to conquer and create a better world, a better community, a better YOU!

Dr. Janeel Henderson