​LIFE ZONE® Improve Your Health Live The Difference®

Posted by Dr. Janeel Henderson on Jul 23rd 2021

​LIFE ZONE®  Improve Your Health Live The Difference®


Improve Your Health Live The Difference®

Let’s talk about Life Zone minerals: The only patented nutritional delivery intelligence to go directly to specific body systems for health and balance. All health begins with bioavailable amino key minerals. We are living in a man-made nutritional drought, causing our food to be almost void of minerals. Minerals are vital for our very existence. If your diet is not replacing minerals, you are losing them. With insufficient minerals we become the walking dead. For example it takes about 400 cups of spinach to get 18 mg of iron, and over 25 apples to get 28 mg of magnesium and 13 mg of calcium, assuming the food is grown in lucky mineral rich soil. The truth is soils are mineral depleted; there is no way you can know what vegetable or fruit ACTUALLY has nutrition from the soil to benefit one's body.

Rutgers University collected fruit and vegetable samples from grocery stores from across the United States. They assayed the samples for mineral nutritional content. The results of all the species across the United States were not consistent; there were extremes. For example, the iron content of tomatoes ranged all the way from 1,938 ppm (part per million) down to 1 ppm. Which tomato did you buy to get for your body’s need of daily iron? All the tomatoes are BEAUTIFUL and RED… they look the same. The trend is going to lower nutrient content in fruits and vegetables, in spite of modern fertilizer and farming agriculture practices.

Modern chemical farming methods appear to “sterilize” the soil. There is a distinct difference not only in the health of the plant and its ability to provide nutrition and flavor in the food. For example, have you ever tasted a tomato with no flavor? Or purchased tomatoes that spoil quickly in the refrigerator? This is an indicator of low ppm of mineral nutrition.

Many individuals will argue that they don’t need to worry about malnutrition or that they have undernutrition, because they are purchasing “good food” or “eating healthy”. That may not be true. Frequently, even organic foods, although pesticides and chemical free, do not have high nutritive value according to several laboratory analyses. The United States government has concluded that if Americans did receive proper nutrition HEART DISEASE could be reduced by at least 25%, RESPIRATORY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE by 20% or more, and DIABETES by over 50%. Obviously, the foods we are eating contain some of the basic 6 nutrients we require. Unfortunately, most of the foods do not give us the right amounts of needed protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. THIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR REASONS WHY WE MUST SUPPLEMENT OUR DIET. We can not exclude any of these essential nutrients from our diets for any length of time without causing malfunctions within our bodies which we often see as poor health or even death. Not one of these nutrients is more important than any of the others. To function effectively they collectively need each other.

Our bodies can not manufacture minerals within the body. They must be supplied via food or supplementation. Minerals are involved in more body functions, perhaps any other basic nutrient that we consume. Without them we would be dead. Minerals play such key roles in our bodies that a deficiency of any of them can seriously jeopardize our entire body by making other nutrients less valuable to us. There are at least 96 times more minerals by weight in our bodies than there are vitamins. Perhaps we ought to be at least as concerned with mineral supplements as we have been with vitamins.


There are 130 U.S. PATENTS on the Amino Key mineral nutrition the Life Zone uses in its product line.

Amino Key® Basic: A multiple bioavailable chelated mineral/vitamin nutritional foundation for the entire body. Designed to supply t potential nutrients that are deficient from food.

The following Life Zone products have proprietary technology. This technology allows these formulas to target specific body systems and deliver key mineral nutrients to support the health of that system.

Amino Key® E: Targets the Endocrine System. It supports hormones, fertility, healthy Thyroid, and balances fatigue, stress, PMS, mild depression, and mild blood pressure.

Amino Key® I: Targets the Immune System. It supports issues against viruses, free radicals, toxins, maintains healthy yeast, and good bacteria balance.

Amino Key® S: Targets the Skeletal System. It supports healthy bones, teeth, joints, and nerves, stomach pH, mild twitching, mild nervousness, achiness, and leg cramps due to soreness.

Amino Key® M: Targets the Muscle and Nervous System. It supports muscle strength, heart and circulation health, mild irritability, digestive tract issues.

Amino Key® Cell Lite: Targets the ATP Cellular System. It supports mineral electrolyte balance, supports energy production, maintains normal blood pressure, balances fluid retention, and balances mild nervousness.

Amino Key® Zinc: Targets the DNA System. Balance and regulate body odor, hair and taste loss due to aging, wound healing, fertility, fatigue, alertness, nail ridges, and skin issues.

Amino Key® Chromium: Targets the Glycogen Blood System. Supports glucose balance and low energy, promotes heart health, and promotes muscle health.

Amino Key® F: Targets the Female Reproductive System. Balances menstrual cramping, PMS, regular periods, menopause, mild nervousness, and achiness.

Amino Key® Iron: Targets the Blood System. Supports healthy red and white blood count, immune health, addresses low energy, and hair loss due to aging.

Amino Key® Start: A multi Chelated Mineral/ Vitamin powder liquid mix for infants and children for the entire body support.

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