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About Life Zone®

Do you know what is going into your body? Minerals are vital for our very existence. A 150 lb. adult has approximately 6 lbs.of minerals and less than one ounce of vitamins in their body. Minerals are a necessary part of every biochemical reaction that takes place in our cells.There is not one function within the body that doesn’t require minerals in order to work. They are the spark of life within us. If you aren’t replacing minerals, you are losing them. With insufficient minerals we become the walking dead–barely able to function. Eating fortified food and taking supplements will not solve the problem if they are not in a bioavailable form that the brain and body can recognize and use; so they usually just end up in the toilet or deposited in joints, arteries, the brain, and organs leading to possible health problems. The soil our food is grown in is mineral deficient due to modern farming technique and chemical treatment to crops. Without sufficient minerals the body is handicapped. The 6 elements of nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, (fruit and vegetables),vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, and water, all require minerals to function in the body and the minerals must be an amino acid chelated mineral that the body and brain recognize for support, function and maintenance. In addition, Amino Acid Chelated minerals support hormone and enzyme functions. It takes at least 400 cups of spinach to get 18 mg.of iron, over 25 apples to get 28 mg. of magnesium and over 13 mg of calcium due to the lack of mineral content of the soil.
In 1975 my father and I were traveling to Reno, Nevada to meet with a group of Medical Doctors and Scientists. They wanted to learn about Amino Acid Chelated Minerals for Human use. The prevailing thinking among the emerging Nutritional Health Food Stores and Supplement movement was “if a little bit was good, use more”. The subject was never discussed if taking more of a supplement via Mega dosing was safe, using pure ingredients, and bioavailable. The ingredients weren’t required to be listed on the container hence the words “Quack” and “Snake Oil", were common references to traveling salesmen or individuals who used alternative formulas for health support. No one really had a clue if what they were taking was safe and worked. I asked my Father why couldn’t a specific formula be developed that addressed the health concern an individual had that could be directly targeted to the area of concern. That had never been done. My father’s reply was” I don’t know, let’s go to work and figure it out". That was the beginning of Life Zone®. The name Life Zone® was created to target different body systems and organs (zones) to support the body's requirements for health with proof of validity. I called it “Smart Nutritional Mineral Intelligence” that could travel directly to a specific body system which unlocked the priority cell entrance for cellular bioavailability.
Life Zone’s targeting formulas with intelligent mineral structures that travel directly to body systems, emerged from 70 clinical peer review studies of human, animal, and plant nutrition over 67 years of development, which resulted in 130 U.S Patents. These scientific discoveries became the foundation for the discovery of targeting technology. This proprietary knowledge covers key states and conditions of a true Amino Acid Chelated mineral that are in every Life Zone® formula.
SIZE: The intestine filters large particles from the stomach from crossing the intestinal wall lining and entering into the bloodstream. Large particles cannot easily pass through the intestinal wall. Many trace-mineral products on the market have molecular weights too large to be absorbed intact and are not bioavailable.
STABILITY: The Amino Acid Chelated Minerals used in Life Zone formulas guarantee pH stability of the mineral as it passes through the stomach’s acidic environment range of between 2.0 - 7.5 pH during digestion. This assures total bioavailability of the mineral by absorption of the intact molecule. What good does it do to take an inorganic mineral which breaks down during digestion only to recombine in other forms which may not be available? This is the story with traditional mineral compounds such as zinc sulfate, iron sulfate, chlorides, any oxide or carbonate forms. The body cannot utilize these forms of minerals as fed. A similar situation exists with some reported chelate or complex mineral products. Not properly stabilized, they break apart, exposing the mineral. It is after digestion, when the mineral has been cleaved from its carrier and becomes a free radical that access availability is jeopardized. These free minerals can now easily recombine to form totally unavailable substances.
NEUTRALITY: The process of chelation results in the final mineral compound becoming neutral, i.e. containing no electrical charge. This is important. The free metals after acidic cleavage usually have a positive charge. This means they can become attached to a negatively charged substance. For example, iron sulfate in the stomach undergoes acidic cleavage which results in its “free" state allowing the iron to bind with any negatively charged substance. Phytic acid from plant sources and free phosphorus are two common materials found in the stomach and intestinal tract which can permanently tie-up the free iron, rendering it totally unavailable. Life Zone® formulas only use proven authentic amino acid chelated minerals in its formulas which duplicate the body's and Nature's natural chelation process which meet the criteria for a true Amino Acid Chelated Mineral regarding molecular size, pH stability, safety and neutrality.
PROOF: Scientific research and many scientific procedures that validate true Amino Acid Chelated Mineral Bioavailable Nutrition:
1) Nitrogen Scanning
2) Carbon Scanning
One of the more convincing tests was monitoring mineral movement throughout the body starting from the point of digestion using cold tag radioactive tags. Blood was drawn every hour monitoring how much of the tagged mineral entered the bloodstream, the amount of tagged urine that was released into the toilet and the amount of tagged minerals in the feces released into the toilet.

We are all familiar with the problems of high concentrations of minerals found in water. We also know that levels vary from region to region.
Some specific problems are:

Nitrates- tie up potassium
Sulfates-become antagonistic with magnesium, copper, calcium and selenium.
Iron Competes with zinc, manganese, copper, phosphorus, and cobalt.
Sulfates, oxides, carbonates, chlorides and others can be formulated to meet the requirement of the label. However, we never really know where we stand on availability of these sources in practical situations because it is expensive and time consuming to duplicate the intelligence in Nature, and most companies will not do the extensive research required on their formulas.

Dr. Robert Heaney M.D. published research comparison levels on Amino Acid Chelated minerals vs.non-chelated minerals for bioavailability and absorption levels in hair, blood, saliva, and urine. He published his discovery in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
All testing was done on women on an empty stomach without food or liquid.
Calcium Amino Acid Chelate used by Life Zone 44% Absorption
Calcium from raw Milk 27% Absorption
Calcium Carbonate 23% Absorption
Calcium Citrate 25% Absorption
Calcium Hydroxyapatite 17% Absorption

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Dr. Janeel Ashmead Henderson, daughter of Dr. Harvey Ashmead, world authority on Amino Acid Chelated Minerals, and Dr. Allez M. Ashmead, is the owner and formulator of Life Zone products. Janeel holds a B.S. degree from Brigham Young University, M.S. degree and Ph.D degree in nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, and is a licensed Master Esthetician,
licensed Lymphatic Massage therapist, Dark Field Microscopist, and a nutritional formulator. She has received 3 U.S. Patents and one Patent-Pending for her original research work and discoveries in nutrition. She is an author, a popular speaker at various universities, and appeared on television programs and radio talk programs.