Amino Key Cell Lite


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Life Zone targets ATP mitochondria energy support, Cellular System, heart and normal                                                                                 blood pressure, and regulates normal fluid levels.

Normal, healthy cells generate energy and then transfer energy from energy-releasing to energy-requiring reactions using the ATP molecule. Cells also regulate normal fluid levels using the potassium/sodium pump, counteract stress using mineral electrolytes, help promote normal blood pressure, and support the mitochondria.

Life Zone Cell Lite targets the Cellular ATP energy system with nutritional support for ATP production, nutritional support for healthy mitochondria and cellular function.

Specific minerals are needed in proper normal levels to support and maintain healthy mitochondria and cellular function. These key minerals enter into many of the Ribosomes’ reactions directed by RNA which carry out DNA’s directives.

UP Date!!  Cell Lite now contains CoQ10.  It may be added to Life Zone Prime for ATP extra mineral electrolyte energy balance, using Amino acid chelated Calcium, Magnesium, Complex potassium and Coenzyme Q10 maintain normal blood pressure, fluid retention and mild nervousness.

Here is a great video about how Mitochondria Produce Energy by the Cortical Studios that can help you understand the importance of many of the ingredients in LifeZone's Cell Lite Formula.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review