Amino Key M

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Targeting support for: Muscle and Nerve System.

The Muscle System includes three main types of muscle:  skeletal (voluntary muscle), smooth muscle (involuntary muscle)  and specialized muscle tissue of the heart.  Skeletal muscle are attached either directly or indirectly  via tendons to bones, and work in opposing pairs, one muscle contracts while the other relaxes. Facial expressions, walking, using your hands, and limbs  are examples of skeletal muscle.  Smooth muscles occur in the walls of the internal body organs and help force food through the intestines, contracting the uterus in childbirth, and pumping blood through blood vessels. Eye muscle fibers contract and dilate to alter pupil size.  The tongue has interlacing layers of muscle to allow great mobility.  All of these parts that make up the Muscle System need the same TRAACS® bio-available minerals found in Amino Key M gives a sense of well-being.  The minerals work together to promote natural muscle stress release support in the Muscle System.

Amino Key M may be used with Amino Key Basic.**

Amino Key M contains 120 capsules. Serving Size: 1 to 5 capsules or as directed by a health professional.


WEIGHT 6.8 oz
DIMENSIONS 2.5 × 2.5 × 5 in



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review