Amino Key Zinc (3 month supply)


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Life Zone Zinc nutritionally targets healthy-looking skin, eyes, hair and nails.

Zinc helps support the body's own natural, internal renewal process and DNA and RNA synthesis.  DNA and RNA nucleic acid polymers act as the genetic code and translators for protein, which are the molecular building blocks of body tissues.  They stipulate which amino acids go together to form body proteins.   DNA is mainly found in the nuclei of cells where it carries the genetic messages and a little in the mitochondria.  RNA helps transfer genetic messages to guide the manufacture of proteins.  Zinc directly and as a co-factor activates more than 100 enzyme's ability to function in more body functions than any other mineral: It is important in normal growth and development, maintenance of body tissues, sexual function, the immune system, detoxification of chemicals and metabolic irritants.  Carbohydrate metabolism is influenced by zinc, and zinc is needed in the synthesis of DNA which aids the body's healing time after surgery and with burns, prostate problems, skin diseases, loss of taste hair loss, body odor, vision problems, fertility problems, and decreased alertness. It is used in over 100 enzymes to for activation and key functions throughout the body and

is involved with more body functions than any other mineral.

Life Zone amino acid chelated Zinc may be used with Life Zone Prime.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review